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I've gathered a collection of resources that have consoled me, inspired me, and sometimes challenged me. 

The creators, authors, theologians, and speakers within this page hold different denominations, political stance's, occupations, ages, social beliefs, and passions. That's intentional.

Enjoy, explore, & reach out if you'd like me to add a resource you love.


Pete Enns

A biblical scholar and professor, Pete Enns wrote, "The Bible For Normal People," a book title that reflects how he talks about complicated biblical ideas in a accessible way. He encourages us to ask the question,  "what does the bible really mean?" Not just historically, or within a church, but rather how it relates to our daily lives,

here and now.

“There is no higher “law” to be obeyed than the law of love.
That, at the end of the day, is what it means to follow Jesus.”

Bishop Barron

YouTube Channel:

"God is Grey"

Brenda Davies discusses controversial topics that Christians living in modern culture are bound to wrestle with.

As an "ex-vangelical," she strives to help others reconcile their loving, fulfilling Christ experiences with confusing, painful Church experiences.

I admire her skill in calling out where the Church can do better in a thoughtful and productive way.


Richard Rohr

Bishop Barron is a Catholic theologian and bishop in  Los Angeles. He explains the Catholic faith with consideration, humility, and scriptural reasoning. 

I appreciate that he doesn't shy away from tackling sticky subjects that some choose to ignore. 

His views are more on the traditional-side, but he still makes sure to connect his homilies and lectures to current culture. 

Richard Rohr, the Franciscan friar who led me to Christ and into theology. A chapter in The Universal Christ is titled "Christ is Not Jesus' Last Name," a statement that has the capability to redefine the relevancy and powerfulness of Jesus.

Richard Rohr reminds us that Christ isn't just what Jesus said and did, but that Christ as the living presence of God is a very real and present reality. 


I can genuinely say that the first time I considered accepting Jesus

into my life occurred while listening to this specific podcast episode

A Work in Progress!

(more to come)